7 December 2015

original jacqueline pic

Last week in the shop we celebrated Jacqueline Mesnil-Amar, author of Persephone Book No. 115 Maman, What Are We Called Now?, translated from the French by Francine Yorke, and this week we celebrate Jacqueline on the Post. Sylvie Jessua-Amar came over from Paris and spoke at a packed Lunch on Tuesday, at an equally packed coffee-and-croissants event next day, and then in the evening came to an informal supper for her and her husband Claude, Francine, Caroline Moorehead (who wrote the Preface), Renée Fenby (who was a Parisian baby when the Vel d’Hiv tragedy happened and escaped only through the kindness of neighbours), Christine Godwin (who read the translation with an eagle eye) and Anne Sebba (whose book on women in Paris during the war is out next year). This is the cover of the reprinted French edition which we found in the bookshop of the Mémorial of the Shoah four years ago. It shows Jacqueline, her husband André and Sylvie aged about 3 a year or so before the war. They are at the house in the country not far from Paris owned by Jacqueline’s parents Jules and Hélène Perquel.