6 April 2020


One of the tragedies of the current situation (amidst thousands and thousands indeed millions of other tragedies) is the destruction of the tulips in Holland. Ironically, this was the year that @janebrocket and some Persephone girls were going to go to Keukenhof Gardens for twenty-four hours. But Jane is able to pick tulips on her allotment and the tulips she planted in Lambs Conduit Street are flowering away there with no one to see them.. IF ONLY  flowers could be distributed to us locked-down people rather than being destroyed. So sad. This week on the Post: paintings of tulips. First of all, a painting by the brilliant Tanja Modersheim, who is Dutch but lives in London, which is available as a limited edition giclee print here.  That would be something to hang on the wall if we can’t have vases of tulips.