3 November2017

crowded view from the kitchen shop

Crowded View from the Kitchen Shop. ‘One of the things that’s clear to me from coming down here [to Ridley Road],’ says Lucinda Rogers, ‘is that the social side to the market is incredibly important… The cultural side too – there’s stuff here you can’t buy elsewhere, culturally important ingredients. But at the end of the road there’s this gigantic building, this sort of lump, which physically is a completely different world.’ That we have allowed so many lumps in London is one of the most shocking things about life here in the last fifty years. And once a lump has lumpishly been built – it’s there for ever and ever. Lucinda Rogers’ work celebrates all the values which are opposed to lumpishness: the small-scale, the delightful, the spirit-lifting as opposed to spirit-lowering and, dare we say it, the feminine. Next week on the Post: five twentieth century women architects who did excellent (as opposed to lumpish) work.