23 March 2020

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Normal life goes on as much as it can. Although there is a completely new normal and this morning we are ringing the printer (the wonderful Lavenham, who have printed the Quarterly then Biannually for twenty years) that we are postponing it for a month. This is not because we can’t get it written or they can’t print it: it’s because we can’t fulfil the orders that flow in once a Biannually has been sent out. The shop is of course closed but one of us goes in most days to do the orders. However, one person at a time could not cope with the usual April/May volume of orders,  so, very regretfully, we are postponing the two new books and the new Biannually by three weeks – until May 14th. But for now, a bit of normality. Everyone knows that Newnham College, Cambridge was where Virginia Woolf gave the talk that became A Room of One’s Own. Newnham has a magnificent heritage (of alumnae, history, buildings, gardens, moral strength) and it also has a small but magnificent collection of objects. Here is an 1881-91 William De Morgan jar.