2 April 2019

beyerHoping these words might get us through the day. Quite extraordinary that 6 million people have begged for a people’s vote and our masters calmly ignore us. There was a lecture about Beyer last year, annoyed to have missed it: ‘Ralph Beyer (1921-2008) was an inscriptional carver best known for his huge ‘Tablets of the Word’ in Basil Spence’s Coventry Cathedral, which provoked admiration and criticism in equal measure when they were carved in 1961. Beyer was probably the first lettercarver in twentieth-century Britain to deliberately depart from formal regularity. His approach owed much to his background: a childhood in Weimar Germany, then exile from the Nazis to Eric Gill’s workshop in the Chilterns, and later associations with Henry Moore and Nikolaus Pevsner. John Neilson’s talk (for the C20th Society) will look at some of Beyer’s work in churches and cathedrals, and examine what made him work the way he did’ (more detail here).