15 March 2019


Cockerels. This is a particular favourite of ours because on the mantelpiece we have two life-size nineteenth- century ceramic cockerels. We would not have bought them but, after several decades, cannot imagine living without them. They look very like Kate Mears’s painted version. Yes, maybe it’s time they had an outing in the shop window. Meanwhile: next week is our twentieth birthday – our first three books were published on March 20th 1999 – and the Post will celebrate the date with pictures from Miss Pettigrew, our bestseller without which we would not be here. There is a party in the shop from noon-8 pm at which cake, champagne and tea will be served, and a rather splendid ‘going-home’ present. Although we have to admit that the continuing Brexit agony has sapped much of our joie de vivre, but if you have a moment please do come along to cheer us up, hear about our plans for the next twenty years, and talk about the books which, after all, are the reason for our being here.