14 November 2016


Among Persephone authors there are many, many ‘nasty women’ (and if anyone wants to put Persephone Books on the ‘Nasty Women March’ group on Facebook we’d be pleased and would be marching in spirit from across the Atlantic). This week on the Post five Nasty Women from among our authors. First of all of course Hilda Bernstein who wrote the amazing and inspirational The World that was Ours, about the fight against apartheid; and while she and her husband and their friends, including Mandela, were so bravely fighting it was not AT ALL clear apartheid would one day be toast, they were just standing up for what they knew to be right. We have sent a copy to Hillary Clinton (with a Cambridge Imprint ‘Thank You’ card) and hope very much that in the months to come she will have time to read it. One of the most shattering things about Trump – well, is there anything that isn’t shattering? – is that he doesn’t read. Hillary reads and Bill reads (he was a Rhodes Scholar after all) and Chelsea reads, and we hope they all read The World that was Ours. Or indeed have already read it.