12 May 2015


One of the fascinating aspects of the saga of the looted art is the pre-war art dealers. Indeed, if we were a ‘proper’ publisher we would be commissioning a book on this subject. Obviously there are books (eg. Anne Sinclair on her father Paul Rosenberg in My Grandfather’s Gallery: France’s greatest art dealer and his escape from the Nazis published by Profile) and exhibitions (the current Durand-Ruel at the the National Gallery) but no one has yet written the book on the great dealers. Here is one of the dealers who would feature in a book on the subject, indeed he merits a book on his own: Justin Thannhauser. This poster sometimes hangs at Persephone Books because, many years ago, Justin was a family friend. The poodle has been replicated by the divine Max at Pentreath and Hall. Here is more on the Thannhauser legacy (the name is of course vastly important at the Guggenheim).