18 May 2018

roses oneroses two

The roses are out in the back garden! We go and sit ithere whenever we can. And here, continuing the pink theme, are the window boxes at the front.

We are all very sad that Emma Smith has died. There were several obituaries, for example here.


It was nice that The Week wrote that decades after The Far Cry was first published we reprinted it: and that Emma ‘was delighted, and amazed, when Persephone came calling.’This week we were lucky enough to be asked to go to Birmingham to listen to some of the recording of Home front. For addicts like us the approach of November 2018 when it finishes will be a sad moment.

There is a Cedric Morris exhibition at the Garden Museum (a couple of our Persephone cards are Cedric Morris) and here is ‘Poppies’ from the exhibition:


The Royal Academy has been transformed, with the vaults extended and totally re-vamped.


This is what will happen to our eighteenth century basement one day, but it will take a lot of money and hard work. For the moment it remains as it has been for 300 years.

There was an article in the New Statesman about the (continuing) struggle to save public libraries. And a reader sent us a quote from Unnatural Death by Dorothy Sayers: ‘Cluck! The line went dead again, and Mr Parker, abandoning the kippers without regret, ran feverishly out of the house and down Lamb’s Conduit Street to catch a tram to Westminster.’

Nicola Beauman

59 Lambs Conduit Street