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 Dinners for Beginners
Our eighth cookbook first came out in 1934. It is for ‘people who know nothing about cooking. At the same time it is intended for all those – whether they can cook or not – who appreciate good food and like to entertain their friends, but cannot afford to spend more than a
An illustration for Dinners for Beginners by Laurence Irving.
A 1932 linen designed by Duncan Grant for Allan Walton Textiles
strictly limited amount of money on housekeeping.’There are 109 recipes and 28 menus of dinners for four people, seven for each season of the year, at a total cost of 5/–.This is about £15 nowadays and indeed it would be possible (if one excluded wine, cheese and coffee as the Ryans have done) to feed four people on £15. Here are three of the menus for autumn: Squab Pie (made with stewing lamb and vegetables), corn on the cob and baked pears; chicken in white sauce, braised celery, cheese potatoes and lemon cream; rabbit, cauliflower, blackberry pudding and junket. Dinners for Beginners was written at a time when the work- ing girl or the new wife could no longer rely on having someone to do the cooking for them. It is ideal for anyone wanting to cook delicious meals using traditional, English recipes.
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