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 Bedtime c. 1930 Dorothea Sharp (detail) © Private Collection
The title of this, the third novel by Persephone’s bestselling author (and the sixth to be published by us) is the name of the solid old-fashioned house lived in by the Ashton family just before and after the First World War. Greenbanks (1932) chronicles the Ashtons’ joys and sorrows: marital infidelity, illegitimate babies, divorce, autocratic parents, rebellious offspring. But the mainspring of the book is the loving relationship between Louisa and her granddaughter
Rachel. In the magazine of the Book Society the novelist Hugh Walpole wrote:‘In Dorothy Whipple’s picture of a quite ordinary family before and after the war there is some of the best creation of living men and women that we have had for a number of years in the English novel. She is a novelist of true importance. I believe Greenbanks will be remembered for a long time to come because of the characters of two people in it, the grandmother Louisa and the granddaughter Rachel.This is a quiet and a true book. It is also a beautiful book.’ And her American editor wrote to her,‘Greenbanks is one of the loveliest books I have read in a long time.’We are sure our readers will feel the same.
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