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 Midsummer Night
in the Workhouse
A selection of short stories mostly written in the late 1950s; some are set in England and describe incidents from Diana Athill’s girlhood, one or two describe holidays abroad, almost all are seen from the woman’s point of view. ‘In this terrific collection female characters are sexually adventurous, introspective and enjoy a drink or three,’ wrote the
Winifred Radford 1921 by Meredith Frampton © NPG
A 1970s furnishing fabric which the author bought as curtains for her flat in North London.
Daily Mail. ‘A cheating wife, back with her boring husband, is wracked with agonising love for the unavailable partner of her brief fling; a writer seeks inspiration at a writers’ retreat whilst avoiding the group seducer.’ First published in the US in 1962, the stories, which have never been reprinted before, complement the memoirs (Instead of a Letter, Stet) and the recently published letters (Instead of a Book).When they were reviewed on Radio 3’s Night Waves Matthew Sweet called them ‘extremely good... written with brilliant precision and chilling honesty’. And The Times said: ‘They reveal the same wry, mischievous and essentially humane sensibility that will be familiar to readers of Diana Athill’s memoirs. But their value goes far beyond their potential biographical contribution. In her capacity to calmly and cheerfully record deep sadness she ranks among the vey best writers of late 20th century English short stories.’
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