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 To Bed with
Grand Music
This 1946 novel, originally published under the pseudonym Sarah Russell, is about sex in wartime. At the beginning Deborah and her husband are in bed, saying goodbye to each other before he is posted overseas.They swear eternal loyalty. But Deborah is very soon bored by her life in the country with her young son and gets a job in London. She then acquires a lover, and when he is posted overseas, another, and another... About this, the fourth novel by Marghanita Laski to be published by Persephone
‘Good Night Everybody’, a Jacqmar scarf c.1940, sometimes to be seen in the Lamb’s Conduit Street window.
Books, Juliet Gardiner writes in her Preface that its fascination lies in ‘its unusual recreation of one aspect of the Home Front in WW2. It is an exaggerated, near harlot’s tale without doubt, but it has a wry authenticity and provides a refreshing counterpoint to all the usual wartime novels of sterling women making do and mending.’
 Detail from a wartime drawing by Adrian Allinson 1890–1959, in a private collection.
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