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High Wages
We have already published four novels and one volume of short stories by Dorothy Whipple. Although Persephone has several titles that have sold 10,000 copies (The Making of a Marchioness, The Far Cry, and Miss Pettigrew has of course sold far, far more) she is our bestselling author.This 1930 novel is about a girl working in a draper’s shop who then opens her own dress-shop in a small northern town just before WW1.‘As well as being a marvellously engrossing and deeply caring novel, High Wages has tremendous historical value.
‘Farm Scene’, a 1930 dress fabric by Crysede Ltd.
A 1930 dress by Alec Walker for Crysede Ltd using a 1925 block-printed Crysede silk.
And because of the author’s light touch, her enjoyment of the subject matter and her desire to tell a good story, the book chimes in with serious present-day discussions of our consumer culture and the question of whether intelligent educated women should be interested in something as frivolous as fashion,’ writes Jane Brocket in the Preface.
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