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  from Life in the English Country Cottage (1995) by Adrian Tinniswood p172
Miss Buncle’s Book
Barbara Buncle, who is unmarried and perhaps in her late thirties, lives in a small village and writes a novel about the village in order to try and supplement her meagre income. She thereby succeeds in taking charge of her own life and in this respect is at one with Miss Pettigrew and Miss Ranskill. This is an entirely light-hearted, easy
read, one of those books like
Mariana, Miss Pettigrew,The Making of a Marchioness and Greenery Street which can be recommended unreservedly to someone looking for some- thing undemanding, fun and absorbing – that is also well- written and intelligent and with an entirely original plot. DE Stevenson (1892–1973) sold 4 million copies of her books in the UK and 3 million in America; Miss Buncle’s Book is the first book by this unas- suming, shrewd and kind- hearted author to have been reprinted in the UK for fifty years.
‘Flower vase lit by rays from a table lamp’, Vanessa Bell 1934, Allan Walton, V & A
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