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 The Country
Housewife’s Book
Sub-titled ‘How to Make the Most of Country Produce and Country Fare’, this 1934 book has eight chapters:‘a general survey of storeroom and larder’ with hints on how to use ‘pickings’ and gluts thriftily; chapters about garden and orchard fruits and making use of garden produce (chutney and stuffed peppers); a chapter about milk, cream and butter, one called ‘the sportsman’s bag’ with recipes for pigeon pie; and chapters on herbs and ‘hobbies of the country
‘Spring’ 1933, CPA Design, Calico Printers for Warner & Sons
housewife’ (eg. dressing rabbit skins). And there are some essential recipes such as ‘household bread’, potato toast and stewed lettuce. The Country House- wife’s Book, which has charming line drawings, would be enjoyed by anyone interested in cooking, in old-fashioned methods of food production or simply in running a house.
 Taken from For Home and Country: the WI Magazine 1919–59 (1996) by Penny Kitchen p60
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