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Plats du Jour
The premise of this 1957 cookery book was considered startling when it was first published: that ‘a variety of dishes [be] replaced by a single plat du jour accompanied, as a rule, by a green salad, a respectable cheese, and fruit in season, and, wherever possible, by a bottle of wine.’This excellent book focused on everyday French cooking and contained the recipes for dishes such as cold sorrel soup, gigot aux haricots, champignons à la crème – of which 1950s British cooks had no inkling but to which they were intro- duced by the two authors.The book was illustrated by David Gentleman, who also did the eye-catching cover – now the Persephone endpapers.
The endpapers by David Gentleman are the 1957 Penguin cover
Patience Gray in the 1950s
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