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 1963 fabric by Friedlinde de Colbertaldo Dinzl. The sombre quality is appropriate, as is the dark brown and the jagged pattern.
When the critic HRF Keating chose The Expendable Man as one of his Crime & Mystery:The 100 Best Books, he wrote:‘Just as Dorothy B Hughes’s earlier books engaged with the political issues of the 1940s, so The Expendable Man, published in 1963 during Kennedy’s presidency, evokes the emerging social, racial and moral tensions of the time.’
‘Right from the start,‘ continues Keating,‘you are engrossed in an account of a young American intern doctor driving his parents’ white Cadillac between Los Angeles, where his hospital is, and Phoenix, Arizona, where his well-off parents live and his sister is about to get married. He stops in a stretch of desert highway and picks up a young, feckless girl wanting a ride. The young man, one begins to feel, is perhaps a little paranoid about the dangers of giving the girl a lift; yet he becomes one of those heroes one does not merely ride along with during the story, but a person one identifies with, palpitatingly.’
The Expendable Man
When The Expendable Man came out Anthony Boucher in the New York Times called it ‘Mrs Hughes’s finest work to date, of unusual stature both as a suspense story and as a straight novel.’
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