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When these captivating and at times bizarre stories were published posthumously in 1949, Angus Wilson wrote:‘It appears no exaggeration to say that Frances Towers’s death in 1948 may have robbed us of a figure of more than purely contemporary significance. At first glance one might be disposed to dismiss Miss Towers as an imitation Jane Austen, but it would be a mistaken judgment, for her cool detachment and ironic eye are directed more often than not against the sensible breeze that blasts and withers, the forthright candour that kills the soul. Miss Towers
flashes and shines now this way, now that, like a darting sunfish.’‘At her best her prose style is a shimmering marvel,’ wrote the Independent on Sunday,‘and few writers can so deftly and econom- ically delineate not only the outside but the inside of a character... There’s always more going on than you can possibly fathom.’ And the Guardian said: ‘Her social range may not be wide, but her descriptions are exquisite and her tone poised between the wry and the romantic.’ Five of the stories were read on BBC Radio 4.
Tea with Mr Rochester
A 1949 design
for a block-printed cretonne designed by the late Humphrey Spender, who very kindly allowed this fabric in his collection to be photographed for us.
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