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 Richmal Crompton created William,
the pugnacious anti-hero of thirty books selling over 8 million copies in her lifetime; but their author once hinted that a ‘Frankenstein monster’ had ambushed her forty novels for adults.
We publish a 1948 novel about the life of two families during the inter-war years. Instead of seeing William at odds
An example of 1940s ‘peasant-art’ style, the fabric shows prancing
roundabout horses on a striped background; the faded pink is typical of the period (Mrs Fowler, one of the matriarchs, is especially fond of her
‘faded cretonnes’).
Family Roundabout RICHMAL CROMPTON
with adults, we are shown the matriarchs around whom their families spin; but whether they direct their children gently or forcefully, in the end they have to accept them as they are.
We see that families can both entrap and sustain; that parents and children must respect each other; and that happiness necessitates jumping or being pushed off the family roundabout.
384pp PERSEPHONE BOOKS ISBN 9781903155134

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