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  This is, we believe, the most readable overview of twentieth century women’s lives yet written, covering everything Persephone readers might want to know about the suffragettes, early ‘type-writers’, contraception or work in wartime; and it complements our other books by exploring factually what they, indirectly, explore in fiction.
A Woman’s Place: 1910–75 RUTH ADAM
A Woman’s Place 1910–75 was written twenty-five years ago by a novelist- historian and is both human and humane, wise and cynical, polemical and witty. It concludes, wearily: ‘A woman born at the turn of the century could have lived through two periods when it was her moral duty to devote herself, obsessively, to her children; three when it was her duty to society to neglect them; two when it was right to be seductively “feminine”; and three when it was a pressing social obligation to be the reverse.’
Lucienne Day combined
a successful professional life with a domestic one and her ‘Palisade’ (1952) hints at encirclement and fencing-in, while the abstract shapes evoke the domestic.
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