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phone 01225 425050
Persephone Books reprints neglected novels, diaries, poetry and cookery books, mostly by women and mostly dating from the early to mid-twentieth century. The 141 Originals are elegant grey paperbacks with patterned end- papers, separate jackets and matching bookmarks. The fourteen Classics have pictures on the front and ‘French’ flaps.
We sell our books by mail-order; they may be ordered from our website, by telephone or by post. Alternatively, do come and visit our shop in Bath. The Grey Originals are £13 or three for £33, the Classics are £10 each. Postage within the UK is £2.50 per book. We also send books all round the world, please email or telephone or look at the website
for prices. Or become a Persephone Subscriber: we can send a book a month for six or twelve months, or to someone else as a present.
Since Persephone books make perfect presents, we would be pleased to gift-wrap them for you for £2 (tissue paper) or £3 (Cambridge Imprint paper) per book.
We now have forty e-books and
six audiobooks; the latter may be downloaded directly from our website for £10 each.
MONDAY 10am–6pm
TUESDAY 10am–6pm WEDNESDAY 10am–6pm THURSDAY 10am–6pm FRIDAY 10am–6pm SATURDAY 11am–5pm SUNDAY 11am–4pm
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We also sell The Persephone Box Set: six books packed in a box chosen by theme eg. An Introduction to Persephone Books, WW2, Feminism, The New Mother, Dorothy Whipple.
And we publish a free magazine, the Persephone Biannually. Please contact us to be included on our mailing list or
if you would like to buy a 152 page Catalogue for £5.

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