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The Deepening Stream
By the author of The Home-Maker, PB No. 7, this is the coming of age story of Matey Gilbert. Her childhood is unhappy but she learns to cope by avoiding confrontation and through the love of her dog Sumner. After she meets her husband she starts to develop as a person, the deepening stream of her personality emerging from her troubled childhood. When the family goes to Europe – to drive an ambulance and help their French friends – the book is extraordinary about
 ‘Valve Testing – The Signal School, Royal Naval Barracks, Portsmouth 1918 Arthur David McCormick 1860-1943
Design for 1914-23 chiffon voile by Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh.
life on the home front during WW1. ‘Such fascinating stuff about America’s early,
and later, responses to the war in Europe,’ wrote our proofreader, adding, ’it is one
of the few books where, as a Quaker, I can recognise her experience in Meeting, and on matters of ethical banking, and conscientious objection – a very new, very interesting voice for me.’
In 1931 an American reviewer wrote: ‘I have read her novel with a fervour and a glow of satisfaction that, alas, comes to my share but rarely after a long lifetime of voracious reading.’ And our preface writer ‘realised I had come to respect The Deepening Stream as a neglected treasure of the last century.’
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