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Random Commentary DOROTHY WHIPPLE
A volume of extracts from the diaries and notebooks of our bestselling writer compiled by her in 1965, in Blackburn,
to which she had retired, and published in early 1966, a few months before she died. So in some respects this is a tribute to a novelist’s life but because she chose the extracts (from 1925-45) herself, Random Commentary is, naturally, somewhat self-deprecating although
Film poster for the 1946 film of one of Dorothy Whipple’s novels
always extremely honest. This is very much a writer’s diary and may in a small way have been inspired by the 1953 publication of Virginia Woolf’s diaries,
A Writer’s Diary (now PB No. 98).
For the Dorothy Whipple fan it is both entertaining and fascinating. This is not just because of the details about how a writer functions, it is because she was so witty, humane and knowing. One of her most admirable qualities was that she had no ‘side’ and to say that she was modest is a severe understatement. However, her novels sold in their thousands. She worked hard, took pride in her work, and cared deeply about how her books were received.
  A 1936 screen-printed ‘crush’ linen designed by Eva Croft for Donald Bros, Dundee in 1936
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