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A beautifully designed mixture of commonplace book, diary, extracts from short stories and novels, essays, recipes – and woodcuts. Each month has a quotation from the 1677 British Merlin Almanac, then there is an amusing essay on ‘books for the family’ or on ‘embroidery’, a piece about ‘a visit to the hairdresser’,‘a Guy Fawkes Party’, gathering mushrooms, a burst pipe, a visit to the Tower of London, an extract from Jane Eyre or Emma or an extract from our own Tea with Mr Rochester or Elizabeth and her German Garden. This is a marvellous pot pourri of a book by a journalist and novelist who also wrote a biography of her father J P Martin, the author of the Uncle books.
One Woman’s Year
Endpapers taken from an early 1950s fabric by Sheila Bownas © The Sheila Bownas Estate
 NO 135
272pp PERSEPHONE BOOKS ISBN 9781910263259

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