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 National Provincial
A 1938 novel set in ‘Aire’ (Leeds),
a sprawling panorama of West Riding life and politics – and family life. Mary, who had a job down south, comes back to look after her mother and to work on the local paper; over 600 pages we become as deeply involved in the life of Leeds from 1935–6 as Mary herself.
‘In an age in which tensions between the national and the provincial persists, Lettice Cooper’s story is of timeless relevance today’ (Rachel Reeves, MP for Leeds West). ‘She has done for a contemporary industrial town pretty much what Middlemarch did for a C19th country town’ (Man. Guardian).
Endpapers taken from an early 1930s design by John Churton for the Silver Studio, intended for production as a woven cloth. © MODA, Middlesex University
 NO 130
Phyllis Ginger (1907–2005)
Tram Journey (Southampton Row) etching
624pp PERSEPHONE BOOKS ISBN 9781910263204

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