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Despised and Rejected
Published under a pseudonym (AT Fitzroy) and banned after a trial in October 1918, this ahead-of-its-time novel is about a homosexual musician, his friendship with a young woman, and his steadfast refusal to enlist. But the trial (left) described it as ‘likely to prejudice the recruiting, training and discipline of persons in His Majesty’s forces’ and the 200 copies remaining (out of 1000) were destroyed. A brave, balanced and radical book which explores concepts of ‘otherness’, gender roles and sexual taboos, insists that art is crucial to civilised values and pleads for Britain to be united with Europe so as to sweep away nationalistic values.
 NO 126
‘Line of Crescents’, a printed silk designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh for William Foxton, London 1918. © V&A
376pp PERSEPHONE BOOKS ISBN 9781910263167

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