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Endpapers taken from a 1953 printed cotton by Susie Cooper for Cavendish Textiles.
Guard Your Daughters
A 1953 novel about four sisters (a fifth has escaped into marriage) who live in the country with their parents.They believe themselves to be zany and bohemian and there are some very funny descriptions of their life together. But, alas, the mother, who forbids them to go to school or make friends or do anything much except defer to her, is gradually revealed to be borderline insane.The book is thus an unusual
mixture of social comedy and something much darker: in one way it is like Miss Buncle’s Book, in another, There Were No Windows, John Betjeman thought it ‘a thoroughly “nice” book, full of likeable characters.The excellence of this story lies in the depth behind the flashing surface’. And the Spectator thought it ‘so true, so lively, so full of charm, that there is nothing left to say but thank you.’
  Leslie Cole (1910–76) Seated Figure, 1952 Swindon Art Gallery
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272pp PERSEPHONE BOOKS ISBN 9781910263150

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