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 The Journey Home and Other Stories MALACHI WHITAKER
Malachi Whitaker was an extraordinary and indeed an important Yorkshire writer who began publishing short stories in the late 1920s. Jonathan Cape, the London publisher, brought out her first collection in 1929.Three more collections followed in 1930, 1932 and 1934. After that she published very little, and although she wrote a memoir, her output dwindled: she seems to have been written out. Every one of the twenty stories we publish (five from each of the four volumes) is a gem. Malachi Whitaker
was, in the words of Philip Hensher,
‘a unique and daring writer, whose work richly rewards exploration and redis- covery. Under her intense, scrupulous gaze, the event that happens all the
time and the event that is happening only once are, in the logic of art, strangely identical... Her work is quite unlike anything else. She gathered no followers and was almost forgotten in her later, silent years. Reading her now,
it is inexplicable how English letters
failed to find a place for a writer of
such verve, colour, range and power.
She is one of the great English short story writers, and her work is slowly reaching some prominence.’
A 1933 textile design by Stanley Wilkinson, a student at Bradford School of Art in Yorkshire.
A portrait of Malachi Whitaker by Jacob Kramer 1937
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