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 1935 linoleum flooring
Tom Baldwin retires and realises that life at home in St John’s Wood is constricting and dull; his wife too is quietly dismayed by her loss of autonomy and by the destruction of all her small rituals (‘for better, for worse, but not for lunch’).This 1936 novel is a touching portrayal of a retired couple who manage to achieve a new life for themselves: one day they go out into the countryside north of London, see that the woods and fields where they used to walk are being built over but realise that the estate of new houses (that could be thought to be ‘ruining’ the countryside) might actually be a wonderful place for them to live. Greengates is full of architectural details, and in this respect is a companion to our novel about an architect Bricks and Mortar as well as to books like How to RunYour Home without Help and They Knew Mr Knight. Like the bestselling The Fortnight in September, Greengates is replete with compassion, wisdom and insight about everyday life.‘This quietly wry, true to life and frequently rather moving novel addresses the urgent question of the changing nature of the countryside... and holds up a mirror to the social and cultural preoccupations of the decade’ (Persephone Preface).
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