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A 1926 novel that begins with the death of a young man during WW1, flashes back to his happy childhood shared with the young woman who is the narrator, and then describes how the war – inevitably – took them unawares and destroyed their happiness.
The Happy Tree
It ends thus: And this is all that has happened. It does not seem very much. It does not seem worth writing about. I was happy when I was a child, and I married the wrong person, and some one I loved dearly was killed in the war . . . that is all. And all those things must be true of thousands of people.
LP Hartley wrote:‘One cannot help liking the book: one cannot help admiring its phenomenal freedom from vulgarity, its disdain of worldly lures, its fastidious avoidance of second-rate consolations. It is marked by dignity and distinction and the grace of a rare spirit.’
 NO 108
  Printed woollen plush by TF Firth & Sons 1926
344pp PERSEPHONE BOOKS ISBN 9781903155981 ‘A Surrey House’ Roger Fry (1866–1934) BBC/PCF

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