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‘Maud’, a 1913 furnishing fabric by Vanessa Bell manufactured in France
Wilfred and Eileen
Wilfred was 22 in 1912 when, at a May Ball at Trinity College, Cambridge, he met Eileen.The couple fell in love but because of parental opposition on both sides they married in secret.The scenes before the outbreak of war are beaut- ifully described with a Forsterian touch: ‘It would not be quite true to say that the war rumours had not filtered into Wilfred’s mind but he had certainly not been infected by the mounting hysteria of late July.’ Based on real events, this ‘delightful novel’ (Margaret Drabble), describes Wilfred’s time in France, the brush with death, and the beginning of a new life in deepest Kent. It is a charm- ing, poignant book which manages to write about harrowing matters without being in itself harrowing.The 1976 Financial Times said that it recaptured the spirit of WW1 ‘with such curious conviction that I almost felt I had come across some lost document of the time’ and the Observer’s AnthonyThwaite wrote:‘What makes it oddly moving is its straightforwardness, its acceptance of those now lost aspirations and decencies.’
 200pp PERSEPHONE BOOKS ISBN 9781903155974 Major Adrian Drewe d. 1917 © National Trust

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