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The 1931 Harper & Brothers, New York endpapers for their edition of Diary
This great classic of domestic literature appeared originally in the feminist weekly Time and Tide and some might find it an oxymoron that the Diary (1930) is both feminist and domestic. But this is the central remit of Persephone Books and one of the reasons why it is a quintessential title for us; and why, although there are other editions in print (EM Delafield has just gone out of copyright) we felt we wanted it to join our list. In addition, we wanted it to join the earlier Conseq- uences, Persephone Book No. 13 and we knew our wonderful German printer, GGP, would make an excellent job out of reproducing Arthur Watts’s original illustrations; most previous editions have ignored these, however we feel they are a crucial part of the fun. For the Diary, which chronicles the
 Diary of a Provincial Lady E M DELAFIELD
day-to-day life of a wife and mother living in the country, is above all fun, in fact it is one of the funniest books ever written.
 NO 105
 368pp PERSEPHONE BOOKS ISBN 9781903155950

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