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 The Two Mrs Abbotts
In Miss Buncle’s Book, the heroine, gloriously, wrote a novel about the village she lived in. She then had to hastily depart because the true identity of ‘John Smith’ was about to be revealed. In Miss Buncle Married she and her publisher husband leave Hampstead for Wandlebury, a village within commutable distance of London.This third and last sequel begins with one of the original characters in Miss Buncle’s Book arriving in the village to give a talk for the Women’s Institute and to stay with Mrs Abbott, not knowing that it is her old friend Miss Buncle, mother by now of
‘Pauline Waiting’ 1939 by Sir James Gunn © RA/PCF
‘Last Waltz’, a printed cotton dress fabric byTootal Broadhurst 1942
two children. After that there is the usual very readable round of events, none of them earth shattering, none of them pertaining to ‘great literature’, but adding up to a very good read. In addition, the details about the war are interesting and in some respects this novel can join Persephone’s collection of WWII books because it reflects community life during the war years: it has great good humour and a real understanding of the difficulties involved in keeping the home fires burning.
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