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 The 1939 Albatross paperback published in Leipzig, Paris and Bologna.
The Squire
The Squire was published 75 years ago yet it remains unique: it is the only novel ever written about having a baby. Of course other novels focus on pregnancy, birth and motherhood; but there isn’t another about the last few days before birth and the first few days afterwards.‘I thought if I could get it right they might read it in China or India,’ Enid Bagnold wrote when her book was reprinted.‘I wanted it to be exactly as objective as if a man had had a baby. I wanted to pin
down the quality of the pain and the love and the surprise and the effect of the birth on the mother, on the other children, on the nurse and on the servants.’ Margaret Drabble wrote in the Guardian:‘Imagine To the Lighthouse written by Mrs Ramsay expecting her fifth child, and you get something of the spirit of this intense and passionate novel, which is unlike anything else ever written about pregnancy.The arrival of the midwife initiates some extraordinary conversations about babies, gender, vocation and the maternal impulse.The relationship of these two women as they go through one of the most ordinary yet astonishing rituals of life is portrayed with a tender, affectionate care and a deep respect.This is a very surprising book for its time, for any time.’
‘Magnolia’, a 1936 Marion Dorn design
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 200pp PERSEPHONE BOOKS ISBN 9781903155936

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