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 The Persephone Book of Short Stories
There are thirty short stories in our
one hundredth book: ten by existing Persephone short story writers, ten that have already appeared in the Biannually and will therefore be familiar to some Persephone readers, and ten that were new to us and are, we hope, new to our readers.
‘Most of the stories focus on the small, quiet or unspoken intricacies of human relationships rather than grand dramas’ wrote our proofreader, and she pointed out that ‘the use of metaphor is delicate and subtle; often the women are strong
A roller-printed cotton twill designed in 1911 for Arnold Print Works
 ‘The Angler’ William Orpens 1912 © Tate Britain
‘Côte D’Azure’ a screen-printed cotton by Collier Campbell 1983
and capable and the men less so; shallow and selfish motives are exposed, and all the stories
except the last are third-person. Interesting!’The short story is a form that Persephone has taken very much to its heart; we urge any readers who think they do not really like them to give this varied and superb selection a try; those who do already like them have a great treat in store.
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